Salam Ramadhan

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Assalamualaikum to all Muslim readers.

It is said that Prophet Mohammed once spoke, "When the month of Ramadhan starts, the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of hell are closed and the devils are chained."

Ramadhan is a Holy month for Muslims where they fast during the daytime. During this Holy month, Muslims do not gulp down even a sip of water during the daytime and dedicated their daylight hours to abstinence, charity and faith. They only eat and drink anything after iftar (sundown), which shows an incredible feat of self-discipline in them, Fasting benefits us and the same has been mentioned in the Quran:
“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you. so that you may learn self-restraint. Quran 2:183”
May this Ramadhan be the best one yet. May Allah bless and protect us from all sins
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Sincerely, Fatin

JPA- MARA Student Assessment Centre (SAC) 2019

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Ohhhh hiii everyone. So here is another interview experience to be shared, yezzaa. I am grateful enough that blogposts have helped me much throughout post spm especially in applying scholarships....(I mean it.) so I'm going to do a pay back thing! Hahaha!

I actually applied for JPA scholarship which is JKPJ programme, but then when I saw schoollah tweets explaining what's the best, I quickly cancelled and applied for JPA MARA. It's still under JPA though, but the name MARA makes it as our privileges (thanks god). Anyway, I applied for engineering programme to Japan.
First thing first, let me recap what actually happened before the interview day. 
March 14th, 2019: *result day
March 16th, 2019: applied for JPA MARA
April 1st, 2019: surat panggilan to SAC
So basically I had like 9 days to prepare for the interview session. To be frank, I was really nervous and afraid because this was my very first interview in groups. I hate the fact that my very humble ass doesn't know how to stand out during grouping interview, hahahaha. Starting on that day onwards, I started to search all around the Internet world to read past experiences from our seniors. Guess what????? 99.9% of them were actually asked about the current issues that were happening in the country that time (haha). Phewwww, that made me more scared tbh, as someone who only know "the surface" and not that deeeeep about current issues. I'll give you the links because I know you would want to read about them too😁

2018 : Meeya Licious
2017 : (I couldnt find any sorry!)
2016 : Story Time | Fearless | Chronicle of Life | Arista Bucks

And that's the starting point where I started to read about the current issues like Sultan Brunei, Tabung Haji and also Brexit. HA HA. Am not joking, I even remembered the exact number of divident doh. So, my iv date was at 10th, and some of my friends already went for the iv at 8th and 9th. I took the opportunity to ask them about what question that the panels had asked (I was just curious, that's not cheating ok). One of them told me that he had been asked about the sultan's name (weh i don't know if he pranked me or what since we're not that close). And the other one told me they did ask about which part in Upin Ipin movie that uses AI and blablabla.

April 14th, the dead day.

I woke up really early this day as my house is considered far from UNITEN. With all the jammed too,,,,. And I reached there like 7.40 a.m.. There were so many people that time. We had to wait at the ground floor before we did our registration. At 7.55a.m. like that, we were allowed to enter the lift to floor 4 which was the interview place. Friendly reminder: if you left your bottle at home, there's this one place beside the lift at ground floor where you can get your 600ml mineral water for RM1 :D

The first thing I did when I reached the floor was,,, I searched my name at the board and memorized the number beside it which was 15. (Or you can simply take out your phone and capture it. Easy.) And then took a borang from one of the pegawai JPA and entered the main room for taklimat. Anyway, there will be two rooms, first one is for Kelompok 1,2,3 and the second one is for Kelompok 4, 5, 6 so make sure you enter the right room! HAHA. After a short brief, we had to register/ tick for our attendance (what i meant by tick is YOUR SIGNATURE OK) and then one more briefing. 
They explained about how the interview would be conducted and all. If you have any questions, you can ask during this time. So actually, the number 1-10 in each kelompok will be interviewed first. Each kelompok has its own room. The higher your name in the list, the faster you will be interviewed ok. And basically 1-5 is in a group and the rest in a group. If the 1-5 attend to the bm session first, the other 6-10 will attend the english session first. Each session will be up to 30 minutes and after that switch rooms. And then the same thing goes to number 11-20.

As I was number 15, I really didn't expect that I would be in the first 10 people. (it was 11 actually) And then when my name was called by the pegawai, I walked out the room and saw 5 people already lining up in front the room. I was like........seriously? It's my turn now? THE FIRST ONE??? HAHA THIS MUST BE JOKING although I knew that it was not a joke lmao. We didn't even know each others' name and suddenly had to be interviewed for bm session.

Then, we walked into the room and the six chairs were actually like 50 metres from the door..... so far, I know. There were two panels (both ladies) at that time, and the gave us two topics for us to present. The topics were "Saya Bangga Menjadi Anak Malaysia" and "Kemiskinan Punca Gejala Sosial". We had to choose only one topic and were given 5 minutes to discuss LOL. Anyway, we actually discussed more than 5 minutes because the bell rang twice haha. Then we presented about the topic and had sesi soal jawab after that.

After that we walked out from the bm session room, we had to wait outside the english session room like 5 mins??? There was where we started to know each others' names lol. And then we entered the room. Don't forget to smile ok! And greet the panels too! During english session, there were also two panels who're soooo friendly! Soo, some of the questions they did ask to our group members were :

1. Introduce yourself. (+ what course did you apply, why do you think you deserve this scholarship)
2. If you are given this scholarship and already @ oversea that time, and then the allowances are given a bit late, what would you do?
3. If you are in love with this pretty/ handsome mat salleh, what would you do as a Muslim?
4. If one of your friends ends up going to clubs etc etc, how would you advise him/ her?

Anddddd that's it. No current issues HA HA HA HA MY LIFE IS TOTALLY A JOKE BIHHH. Extra reminder: for question 1, the panels would ask like "okay, start from number 9, to 15". and then "okay start from number 15 to 9" and there will be also like "okay number 11, please give your opinion" SO PLEASE BE ALERT ALL THE TIME πŸ˜¬

My awesome groupmates uwu

Another pics with gegels only

Selfie je lah

Overall, our iv session as the first group went well, I guess? But I seriously can't predict anything right now. What can I say is, GANBATTE EVERYONE!!! *inserts clingy meme*

p/s: (sorry for writing such a long post) 

Yayasan Peneraju Tunas Potensi Interview 2019

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Disclaimer: I'm not trying to brag about anything but I just want to share my experiences going for this interview, I hope it helps especially for the juniors who want to apply for this programme in the future :D (p/s: if only this post appears on google search....)

Hello it's me again. Anyone's ever heard about Yayasan Peneraju? Yep, it offers scholarship for those whose house's total income below 4000RM,, so those whose family's total income are above that can scroll down this page and continue reading my previous posts haha :p

Actually I was offered to attend this interview using my trial result because I applied for this programme right after I sit for SPM (not after SPM result came out). But you can actually fill in the forms after SPM result comes out, if you miss the deadline using trials result or your trials aren't that good ._. Don't worry, rizq is everywhere! Oh anyway, I applied for Chemical Engineering in Universiti Teknologi Petronas.

Sooooo when I was checking my emails this one day, I noticed a new inbox from Yayasan Peneraju telling that I was qualified to attend the interview.... and I needed to make a 10 minutes presentation. The topics were given in the next email which arrived like 7 days before the interview. There were 5 topics and those were about general issues like vaccination, airlines, artificial intelligence and also environment. I needed to choose to topics to be prepared for the iv session and the panels would pick one from the two. I chose artificial intelligence and environment which're my fav topics!

Fast forward,,, my iv session was conducted on 20th March 2019 which was 6 days after SPM result came out. To be honest, I WAS REALLY SCARED AND NERVOUS TO GO FOR THIS INTERVIEW THAN RECEIVE MY SPM RESULT. I'm serious,,, as this was actually my veeeery first interview after two years (let's just forget about the mock interview that the school held ok). So I did like a lott tttttttt research on it hehehe.

The scary day;

I woke up as usual and started my journey from home like 11.00am as my iv session was conducted in the afternoon, 2.00pm to be exact. I decided to come early so that we could prevent jammed?¿ or get lost in the city?¿πŸ˜… (as the place is really in the middle of KL duh and confusing too) 
By the way, the guard told us that we were only able to go into the building (interview place) about 30 minutes before, so do your maths: 1.30pm. And so my friend and I had a little chit chat with the past candidates at the lobby (read: my high school friend, Aizudin and his friend lol) who already attended their session in the morning (I was lucky to meet them hoho).


We were already at the interview place,, and there were like 6 or 7 of us in a session?¿ And all girlsπŸ˜‚ I took the opportunity to read the YP magazines on the table in front of us and greeted other candidates too to reduce my nervousness. Then we had to tick our attendance and got our angka giliran. Mine was P0089😚 We then had a short brief by Mr Ikhwan about Yayasan Peneraju. By the way, you have to listen carefully about this programme and its background because it will be asked during the interview (I'm serious.) 
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Later we had to enter a room for the first session one by one to have a document and background check by the interviewer. Oh not to forget you can either speak in English or Malay, it does not matter. There is no extra marks if you speak in English though, but just try your best ^^. During this session, they will ask about the details of your family, what are your siblings doing currently, your type of house, how many rooms in your house etc. 

Then we had to wait for the second session, and this is where you have to do the presentation. So yada yada yada and the first cliche thing that would be asked is of course lah "tell me about yourself". And then followed by questions like: 

- What are your strengths and weaknesses?
- How do you know about this programme?
- What do you know about this programme?
- What do you like to do during your leisure time?
- What course did you apply for and why?
- Why do you think you deserve for this scholarship?

And as I applied only for local universities and not twinning programme, I had to provide reasons why I chose to do so. And then it's time to do your presentation OLOLOLO. 
So that's it! I hope those who apply for this programme will succeed✊ Uhm anyway, by the time I post this entry, the result has not come out.... yet. Or maybe I'm rejected.... I don't know. I'm tired of waiting tbh hahah. Okay goodluck people!

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